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Friendship story – sms

Once a boy happened to walk on a rope bridge.It was very high,he got scared.He saw his frnd on d other side & called him for help but there was no reply.He somehow managed & crossed d bridge. There he was shocked to see his friend holding the end of d broken bridge.Sometimes we think why our friend is keeping quite while we face probs.Just trust ur frnd in all situations… Always friend's rockz…!!



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Peoples opinion – sms

Nice Words: “Opinions are like hand watches. Everyones watch shows different time.
But, everyone believes that their time is correct..”


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Love – sms

People says tht v dont understand d Value of our close ones until v lose them
Its wrong,v know their value bt we never think tht we can lose them!

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True words – sms

“Jeipathu Eppadi Endru Yosipathai Vida! Thotrathu Eppadi Endru Yosithu Par Nee Jeithuviduvai.

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I locked you- sms

“I” Locked “U”
in My Heart.

Now the Key is Missing,


“I”am Very Happy Bcoz

“U” r Safe

in “My” Heart till “My” dear

Sent from my Nokia phone

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Tamil comedY sms

Manithanukkum, Mobilekkum small difference?
kaal illanna
panna mudiyathu.
balance illanna
call panna mudiyathu.

Sent from my Nokia phone

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Software for Nokia devices

Software for Nokia devices

  • Audio themes

    Audio themes feature allows you to personalize the user interface sounds of your phone.

  • Device software update

    Better battery life. Free features. Improvements and bug fixes.

  • Mail for Exchange

    Mail for Exchange synchronises your Microsoft Exchange inbox, calendar and contacts with your Nokia device. Optimized for a wide range of Nokia devices.

  • Mobile dictionary

    Mobile dictionary is a dictionary application for translating words from one language to another.

  • Maps

    The Maps application is always with you. Explore free maps worldwide, discover places you need nearby, and let Maps show you the way.

  • Ovi store

    Discover and download mobile applications, games, videos, music, themes and more.

  • Nokia Podcasting

    Find, subscribe to, download, play and share podcasts over the air with Nokia Podcasting.

  • Nokia Search

    Take the direct route to discovery

  • Windows live

    Connect and share your life through the world's most popular network. With Windows Live you can stay connected with Messenger and Hotmail.

  • Share Online

    Capture and share the moments in your life on the go.

  • Text-to-speech

    Let your phone read your messages out loud with Text-to-speech, a tool which allows you to listen to text messages, multimedia messages, and emails.

  • Messaging – Email

    Access your personal email accounts on your phone with Nokia Messaging.

  • Messaging – Chat

    Instant Message on your phone, see who's online and chat in real time using your favourite IM accounts.

  • Social Networks

    Stay connected to friends. View, post, and comment on status from your Nokia phone. Social networks supports Facebook (other social networks coming soon).

PC software

  • Cable drivers

    Use cable drivers to establish a cable connection between your compatible Nokia phone and compatible Windows-based PC.

  • Nokia Map Manager

    With Nokia Map Manager, you can make sure you don't stray on your way. Transfer map files between your device and the PC, and always find the right path.

  • Ovi Music

    Play, transfer, rip, burn and enjoy new music on your PC and mobile device.

  • Nokia Photos

    Manage your photos and videos on your PC by using Nokia Photos.

  • Nokia Ovi Suite

    Nokia Ovi Suite give you an easy access to the contents of your Nokia device.


  • Nokia for Mac

    Are you using Mac? Find how you can connect your device to your MAC and synchronise your contacts and calendar, transfer and share pictures and download maps and voice guidance.

  • iSync

    Never miss a birthday or lose a phone number again. Synchronise your contacts, meetings and important dates between your Nokia device and your Mac.

  • Nokia Multimedia Transfer

    Play your music from your Nokia device and see your photos on your Mac. Move photos, videos and music between them.

  • Phone as a modem

    Out with your Mac and need to get online? Let Your device come to rescue.

  • Nokia Map Loader

    Know where you are and where you’re going. Transfer maps from your Mac to your Nokia device.

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